The Spanish data company Stream Hatchet recently released their list of the top female streamers of 2020, but there’s one problem:

One of these streamers technically doesn’t exist.

Fourth place went to Usada Pekora, part of the biggest trend of 2020: the rise of the vtuber.

So, what is a vtuber? That’s a complicated question. To really understand, we have to make Moses mad for a second and talk about idols.

Idols, are some of the most popular performers in Eastern Asia. They’re about the same as any other celebrity, but more honest about how manufactured their fame is. It’s somewhere between American Idol and a theater…

By William Dryden

Everyone knows Bird Club. They’re the best band to come out of the Southern Virginia University student body so far, and the only ones that aren’t an acapella group. The group is composed of lead guitarist and vocalist Jordy Gibbons (’21), bassist Nathan Dransfield (’21), drummer Sawyer Tompkins (’22), and guitarist/ my brother Jack Dryden (’21). Their debut/only album, Dog Days of Summer, objectively slaps. As of right now, they’ve officially disbanded. The only hope for new music lays with Gibbons’ recently announced solo album. …

Image by Henry Ravenscroft

Democracy comes from conversation. It comes from different people looking at a common issue, looking at the facts, and deciding together what to do from there.

That being said, there’s still a lot of knowledge that should be more common, especially around the topic of race. Some people don’t want to learn about it. Some people think they already know enough. Some people just don’t care. You should care. The conversation is happening now, and depending on how we shape it, we can benefit future generations for decades to come, or we can set back decades of progress. …

Owning a small business located in a small town can pose unique challenges. Despite this, Ed Yarrington and Fred Willis have managed to create thriving small businesses in Buena Vista.

Ed Yarrington, founder of Five & Dime

Ed Yarrington opened Five and Dime in April of 2019. The idea was planted years before, however, while Yarrington was working at Domino’s in Charlotte, North Carolina. He credits that time as giving him a majority of his experience learning how to make pizza and run a restaurant. He moved to Buena Vista in the summer of 2018, once his son left for college. …

By William Dryden

It’s clear to anyone paying attention that big changes are taking place at Southern Virginia University. One of the most exciting new projects contributing to this change is the newly formed esports team, headed by Michael Daniels.

“I love the idea of unifying people through video games,” says Daniels. “Unity and community have been his goals since the foundation of this program.

The program as we know it has roots from long ago, in Jacksonville, Florida, where Daniels grew up. Unlike some youth growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Jacksonville’s congregations didn’t…

William Dryden

Junior, English major, Clown Afficionado

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